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Put yourself in expert hands – we listen carefully, working with you to ensure you’re thrilled with your look, and feel fabulous.

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Ladies Hair Styling

Stylist Designer
Cut & Blowdry £40 £45 £50 £55 £60 £65 £70 £75
Wash & Blowdry £30 £32 £35 £37 £40 £43 £47 £50
Hair Up (from) £36 £41 £46 £51 £56 £61 £66 £71


Indulge in some Glitterati magic with a Sparkle Blowdry

We are excited to introduce the ultimate Blow Dry upgrade, a luxurious in salon experience with Redken's iconic Crystal Clear Gloss applied at the backwash for a fabulous shiny finish in under 20 minutes. Treat your tresses with this super soft treatment that lasts in the hair up to 9 weeks.

Upgrade your usual Blowdry to a Sparkle Blowdry - £30

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UPGRADE to Ultimate for only £60

Upgrade to the Kerastright Ultimate Package

Most of us are aware these days that any hair treatment has the best results when your hair is in great condtion and the correct after care is followed.

The Kerastright Ultimate Package includes an Olaplex Treatment prior to the Kerastright repairing any damaged bonds and Kerastright Shampoo and Condtioner aftercare giving a garrenteed longer lasting treatment.


Brazilian Blowdry

Is your hair dull, dry and damaged?

Curly, wavy or frizzy?

Or just unmanageable?

The Kerastraight Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment – also known as ‘the Ultimate Brazilian Blow Dry’ - has been designed to smooth, straighten and simultaneously repair the hair shaft, using the power of Keratin and its natural ability to fortify the hair.The innovative treatment will not only ensure that your hair looks fabulous, but it will also save you hours, minimising your daily routine as you wake to stunning, beautiful hair that will only take a matter of minutes to re-style!


How Does It Work?

KeraStraight helps to rebuild the keratin with in the hair that has been lost, working both on the internal cortex and external protective layer, the cuticle. The addition of the amino acid Cysteine helps to create a new semi-permanent shape to the hair. rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 4 months.

It is an easier application which not only leaves the hair healthier, by using a high concentration of protein, but reduces styling time and it will not change your hair colour. Clients can air dry hair, no wait time for shampooing and one formula can be customized to offer a variety of results.

KeraStraight use a low pH protein which is completely free of aldehydes and formaldehyde in both the formula and vapour.This salon professional treatment takes between 2-3 hours, depending on hair length, and leaves hair in optimum condition for up to 4 months.

Is this a Brazilian Blow Dry or Permanent Blow Dry?

The results are the same but the process and chemicals different. Unlike many other Brazilian Blow treatments or Long-Lasting Blow Drys our treatment doe not use formaldehyde, a chemical that has been a cause for concern for some time.This is what Kerastraight say about the Kera- straight straightening treatment;

Short Hair Ear Length or Above Allow upto 1.5 HR £165
Medium Length Just on the Shoulders Allow upto 2 HR £195
Long Hair To the Shoulder Blades Allow upto 2.5 HR £255
Very Long Hair Below the Shoulder Blades Allow upto 3 HR £295




With Easilocks Hair Extensions

Not requiring heat, glue, braiding or sewing, it’s no wonder that Easilocks is quickly gathering a legion of fans, including A-List celebrities. Virtually undetectable, and so comfortable to wear, Glitterati is letting you in on the secret to beautiful, full and natural looking hair.


Using 100% human hair, the effect which Easilocks gives compared to other competitors is second to none.

The revolutionary Easlilocks technology doesn’t use traditional methods used by other hair extensions. A small section of the natural hair is crouched through the easilock and secured in place.

The pre-bonded human hair extension strand is placed inside the easilock with the already placed section of human hair.

Then, using the easilocks applicator tool, the easilock is sealed and locked into place, meaning absolutely no heat or glue is used during the process, leaving your natural hair in great condition with absolutely no long term effects. It’s that simple!

Along with causing no damage to your natural hair, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, with the result lasting up to 9 weeks. Easilocks individual extensions come in 14" 18" and 20" lengths.


Put some magic back into your life with Cinderella Hair Extensions

Cinderella hair offers top quality pre bonded 100% human hair extensions with an extensive range of colours from blonde to black from fantasy red to fantasy blue.

The hair comes in various styles and lengths, you can choose from straight, wavy, spiral curled or curly. In lengths ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches, and for those wanting that extra special length we can put a special order in for 28 inches, the extensions are then placed and discretely integrated into your real hair for a

fantastic natural looking result lasting up to three months.

We can also use extensions for high fashion work to add extra length maybe in specific areas to complete a style or some colour to funk up a style without damaging your hair with bleaches etc.

All Cinderella hair extensions are certified ‘Conscience clear Cinderella hair sourced with integrity’ all the hair comes from reputable sources, we trust our suppliers to uphold our strong ethical code.

Hair extensions are a specialist service, and a consultation is required before booking to ensure the hair and scalp are able to support extensions.

How much does it cost?

Why not speak to one of our stylist on the amount of thickness they would recommend?

For a full head the process takes around three hours and after about 3 months the hair will have grown a significant amount where the extensions will need reapplying

Call now to make an appointment for a free consultation, individual price quotation and advice on extension care. Prices can only be given after consultation.

Instalment Payment Options Available

The Hair Spa

Hair & Scalp Treatments



Aveda Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment

A deep conditioning treatment to promote healthy hair and scalp, and a spa-like retreat within the salon. The service begins with a thorough scalp massage, using a custom blend of aromatic essential oils that treat your scalp’s condition while balancing mind and mood. Next your hair is nourished with a Damage Remedy treatment, while you are treated to a stress-relieving massage for tired hands. The service finishes with a blow-dry and style.



Kérastase Fusio Dose


This prescriptive, advanced hair treatment that can help remedy multiple hair needs. Following a thorough hair diagnosis, your stylist will blend the perfect treatment to transform the condition of your hair for up to five washes.  Fusio Dose is the ultimate problem solver for all hair types whether your hair is dry, weak, colour-treated, frizzy, fine or thin.



Redken Heatcure


Professional is a professional treatment that will instantly restore the look and feel of damaged hair. It provides a total hair restoration that lasts up to 10 washes. The formula combines strengthening proteins (arginine, soy and sepicap), nourishing oils (wheat and palm), low-melting point waxes and cationic conditioners. When it is heated with the unique tool, the balance of oils and low-melting point waxes enables the treatment to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticle to provide lasting restorative results.



Moisture Boost 30 Day


For dry coarse hair.

Intense Boost is a revolution in hair repair. It renews, repairs and rehydrates hair from the inside out in under 30 mins, rebuilding whatever the hair lacks. This quick-fix treatment transforms dry and damaged hair into beautifully repaired, strong, shiny, healthy hair and lasts up to a whole month

Protein Boost 30 Day


Protein Boost creates gorgeous repair, leaving it healthier, stronger and softer.

Protein Boost is an advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins which target the hair from the inside out to deliver amazing strengthening and repair


Express Treatment £15

Stand Alone Treatment £30

Add to Colour Treatment £25

Olaplex is a major buzzword in the hair industry. If you’ve heard about this “miracle” treatment, you’re probably curious about how it could benefit your hair. Olaplex isn’t just another hair conditioning treatment. It’s a treatment that rebuilds the bonds in your hair that are broken during chemical processing. For example, after years of bleaching, this treatment can rebuild the strength, structure, and integrity of your hair. This treatment works from inside the hair to strengthen and repair damaged locks where the structure has broken down and is compatible with all hair types. Curious to learn more? Here is the need to know information about Olaplex.


Olaplex is a three-step process. It consists of a patented active ingredient that seeks out broken bonds in the hair on a molecular level. These broken bonds don’t have to be just from chemical damage. In fact, this treatment works for heat and mechanical damage as well. It is the ultimate breakage insurance in three steps, two of which are at the salon.




This first step starts at the salon. The Bond Multiplier rebuilds bonds and begins the process of preventing damage and repairing hair. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or, if you’re getting color done, mixed with lightener or color and put straight on your hair.



The second step happens once the hair is rinsed of color or lightener. Bond Perfector should be left in about 20 minutes to get the most out of the product. It continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds and leaves you with strong, shiny, healthy hair.



The final step happens at home. Hair Perfector can be used once a week as protection from ongoing damage. It’s as simple as applying it to damp hair, combing it through, leaving it in for 10 minutes minimum, and washing your hair like normal. You can maximize effectiveness by leaving it on overnight.


With rave reviews and endorsements, is Olaplex the cure to over lightening and styling? Not exactly. Yes, Olaplex will make your hair feel stronger after coloring than it normally would, but it is not a miracle fix for damaged hair. For best results, use Olaplex during your color treatment, rather than after it. However, just because you have Olaplex, doesn’t mean you can lighten your hair to the point that it is disintegrating and expect this product to fix it. Olaplex is not the cure-all for dry or damaged hair. It is a scientifically-developed treatment that works on hair condition from within, as opposed to a conditioner that improves only the superficial condition of damaged tresses. For many with mild to moderately damaged hair, Olaplex does return strength back into their hair. Your hair will feel smoother and look less frazzled than it did before you walked into the salon.

Curious about Olaplex? Ask about our Olaplex service upgrades! With the Olaplex Strengthening Treatment from Glitterati, you’ll strengthen your hair from the inside out. Build and repair broken internal bonds to ensure the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible!

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