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Different Hair Styles for Men with Long Locks

By Glitterati, May 7 2014 10:00AM

A collection called Suave Sophisticate which features a long-haired male model wearing four different looks. Why not try these out.


"For the pompadour, The top and sides were left out and clipped the back part of his hair up. Then with the front section and back combed all the way back past his crown, gathering hair from the sides. Hair Spray was used when back combed, spraying each section lightly."

"Once happy with back combed, Begin to smooth and shape the hair with a boar bristle detailing brush. For long thick hair hide the clip in the back with the the hair from the top and sides.


"For the slick style, Flat iron your hair, make a deep side parting and apply a very generous amount of Gel. Then very meticulously combed hair into place gathering it at the bottom to make a low ponytail. To give the ponytail a little pizazz add some elastic holders to give it that 'bubble' effect."


"For the braided style, Sectioned your hair off starting in the middle. Then do eight braids (cornrows). Used a little serum as your braiding to keep the frizz at a minimum."


"For the messy bun gather all of your hair back. Tease the pony a little and wrapped a piece of your hair around the elastic. I then use a bit of Finishing Hair Spray and your fingers to give the top a little texture."

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