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By unknown, Jun 15 2015 04:22PM

If you’re like me you’re probably blending into your sheets right now and the burst of warm weather has done nothing but strike fear into the heart of me (and others I’m sure) about baring my limbs for the first time. Now I know we’re supposed to maintain our body routines throughout the colder months, but who can honestly say that beneath all of those layers is a bronzed, smoothed and un-scaly goddess?

With the launch of our new and exciting Naturally Radiant Gradual Tan we now have the complete routine for you to achieve that beautifully bronzed and silky look in time for that upcoming event (i.e. leaving your tights off for the first time).

Much loved for its refreshing Spearmint scent and its ability to slough away dull and dry skin Exfoliating Body Polish has been reformulated and is now available again in a classic 180ml jar. This is the perfect way to start off your tanning routine as well as maintaining an even tan throughout re-applications.

Removing dead and dry skin cells is the first way to ensure you are not left with streaky marks and will help your tan to last longer. Pay extra attention to your elbows, ankles and knees as these can be culprits for particularly dry skin and give away your radiant secret.

After exfoliating and ensuring your skin is dry it’s now time to apply new moisturising Gradual Tan. This nourishing self-tan formula naturally works with your skins own biochemistry to help develop a natural (not orange) looking tan over 4 hours. What’s more, scented with Ylang Ylang and Jasmine there’s no tell-tale biscuit smell to give you away.

1 tip we have to ensure a smooth finish is make sure you do any waxing or shaving 24 hours before you apply tan to ensure it doesn’t sink into your pores. If you have a tanning mitt apply the moisturiser using this, but using your hands is fine. Smooth over your body evenly taking care not to miss any parts. We would suggest working in sections (such as left arm and shoulder, décolleté, right arm and shoulder) to ensure nowhere is neglected.

After application don’t forget about your hands and the tops of your feet. Wipe down any excess from your arms over your hands and the same from your legs over your feet. Washing your hands after use is suggested but we would also recommend using moisturiser (non-tan) over your hands and between your fingers for a subtle hint of colour (without those tell-tale white hands).

For a deeper tan, apply daily either morning or night to your preferred depth of colour, exfoliating regularly to ensure a sleek finish. For added radiance, spritz Optimal Body TriSerum over your legs, shoulders and décolleté for a sun-kissed, just walked off the beach look.

If you are looking to get your base tan off to a great start, why not try one of our in salon tanning treatments. Available at our Beauty Salon in Weybridge from £28.

By Glitterati, Apr 14 2015 02:45PM

We all spend time and money to ensure we look fabulous for our favorite long haul destination, but the flight can wreak havoc with your skin!

Fear not! We have some great advice from our skin experts to minimise the effects of flying on route to paradise. Arriving Glitterati gorgeous and raring to go.

Exfoliate your skin before the flight

The morning of your flight gently exfoliate your face, this will remove the top layer of dead skin cells and in turn allow your moisturiser to absorb better into the skin.

We recommend ESPA Refining Skin Polish - A brightening exfoliate to deeply cleanse, smooth and perfectly revitalise.


Remove Make Up before you sleep

It is essential to remove your make up before sleeping on the plane, Jane Iredale's Magic Mitt - £17 is

your pefect plane partner as it cleverly removes all makeup (even mascara) using warm water only. Leaving the skin completely clean without the irritating leftovers of face wipes. No cleanser necessary.

"Remaining at a high altitude for a long duration means the body obtains less oxygen leaving your skin tired, dry and in need of some TLC. Apply a light skin hydration spray or a moisturiser once or twice during the flight. Your skin will remain silky and soft for when you touch down."

Refresh the skin with ESPA Hydrating Floral Spritzer - £23 refresh and tone your skin with this pure, naturally comforting and replenishing the skin.

Prevent swollen feet and thread veins

Long haul flights can often cause the ankles to swell, this can increase the risk of varicose veins as well as thrombosis.

Doing regular ankle exercises throughout the flight will help, to lower the risk of thrombosis to top up your omega 3 fatty acid, which thins the blood. Start taking the Advanced Nutrition Programme Omega 3 and 6- £28 a couple of weeks prior to the flight.

Banish Puffy Eyes

"A handy little tip I have learnt to help banish puffiness and water retention in the face is to ask your flight crew for a napkin and an ice cube. Wrap the ice cube in the napkin and very carefully smooth over the face keeping it moving at all times. Be very gently around the delicate eye area. This can really help combat puffiness associated with long haul flights"

For a gentle soothing infusion try ESPA soothing eye lotion - £23 a restorative miracle worker with cornflower to calm and reduce puffiness. Apply lotion to dampened cotton pads after flight; rest gently on lids for 10 minutes.

Follow these steps for naturally beautiful beach ready skin, all products available in salon now.

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