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By unknown, Nov 4 2015 11:00AM

Tell us about your hair...

"It's dry and damaged" "It takes to long" "It's curly and frizzy"

Kerastraight is the answer.

Kerastraight will transform all hair types and conditions to leave your hair frizz free, healthy, easy to manage and gorgeous every time. The treatment only takes 2-3 hours and lasts up to 4 months.

KS ultimate combines speed,ease and simplicity with award winning smoothing and repairing proteins.

You don't have to just take our word for it, Harper's Bazaar has just named Kerastraight "Best smoothing treatment 2015" in their Best of the Best awards 2015!

To celebrate Glitterati is offering an incredible

50% off the Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment

throughout November

This is a one time offer with huge savings of up to £140.

Thank you for being wonderful you!

Glitterati invites you to join us for an extra special evening to thank you for your love and loyalty this year.

This year has been fantastic for Enzo and the team and we have some very exciting news we would love to share with you.

So sip champagne and treat your tresses as we celebrate together

Monday 30th November from 6:30 pm

* Christmas drinks and nibbles

* Gorgeous Glitterati Goodybags

* Raffle with a chance to win some amazing prizes

* Treatment demo's and tasters

and much, much more

Enzo and the Glitterati team would like to say a massive congratulations to Emma and Natalie who have been promoted this November.

Both have produced outstanding cutting and technical work over the last two years and thoroughly deserve their new positions in the salon.

Emma will move up from Senior Stylist to Artistic Director

Natalie will move up from Stylist to Designer Stylist

Well done girls xxx

Unlock the secret to beautiful hair for this Christmas party season with Easilock hair extensions...

With Easilocks hair extensions not requiring heat, glue, braiding or sewing, it’s no wonder that Easilocks is quickly gathering a legion of fans, including A-List celebrities. Virtually undetectable, and so comfortable to wear, Glitterati is letting you in on the secret to beautiful, full and natural looking hair.

We want you to look and feel fabulous this Christmas so we are offering £100 towards your first full set of hair extensions throughout November. T&C apply

Watch Enzo Brave the Shave

We cannot say it enough, thank you to all of you who have shown such amazing support for our chosen Charitable fund The Little Princess Trust. Glitterati have raised over £3500 so far and Enzo personally donated over a foot of his hair to the charity.

We are continuing to fund raise to our target of £10,000 so if you would still like to donate you can do so here

Hot NEW Environ Product Alert

The Intensive Avance DFP 312™ peptide cream from Environ is a brand new exciting skincare innovation. This terrific product enables the combination of 3 scientific formulae that are powerful peptide complexes that will help keep your skin looking younger for longer. Peptides are known as essential ingredients for advanced preparations for anti-ageing skin care. This makes it a luxurious multi-functional moisturiser which will not only help improve the overall appearance of the skin, but also leave it feeling well moisturised, smoother and looking firmer.

Available in salon now

By Glitterati, Jul 15 2014 12:16PM

The Environ Cool Peel is described as a new, modern facial peel. Instead of the aggressive acid peels of old, which can strip away vital layers of the fragile epidermis, this uses a lower concentration of lactic acid over light repetitive treatments. The aim is a more gentle but effective way to achieve healthier skin, with less redness and downtime too.

My client (lets call her Joanna* for this blog as she requested I didn't use her real name) told me recently of her previous experience of a face peel way back in 2009. She swore it was the first and LAST peel she would ever have. She actually happened to have photos of the herself at the time and I can only describe them as; Think Samantha in Sex and the City. Think Aliens. Think every kind of reason why you wouldn’t want acid poured on your face. She described it as one of the most painful overly-aggressive experiences she had ever encountered. So when I told her about our Environ Skin Peel even though she really trusted me, and the Environ brand as a regular Environ Skin Care user she still needed a lot of persuading.

I explained to her that it’s because of bad experiences such as hers this new method has been developed. It works just at the surface of the skin, causing mild exfoliation which helps stimulate growth factors in the skin. A course of treatments should help with fine lines, sun damage, pore size and general texture issues – pretty much all her main concerns at the time. Still a bit scared, she signed up.

She tried the course with one of my brilliant therapists Gemma at my salon Glitterati in Weybridge. The session starts with one of our skin analysis event dates where IIAA (International Institution of Anti Ageing) bring along their Visia® Complexion Analysis machine. This powerful imaging system looks at problem areas below the surface, such as sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries, wrinkles and blocked pores, and it's definitely motivating to compare your stats before and after the course.

The treatment itself is pretty functional and NOT AT ALL SCARY. The lactic acid actually comes as a cream mask which is painted on your face and left for about 20 minutes. It tingles a bit, but NO pain, NO burning whatsoever. Once it’s off, a vitamin A serum is applied and a thick, plasticizing masque sets over the top through which a galvanic current is pulsed (little electrodes are attached to the edges). This helps push the serum deeper into your skin. To finish, some eye gel, sunscreen and – marvellous – a mini makeover with Jane Iredale mineral makeup so you don’t leave the salon looking ridic.

In summary: My client Joanna* skin analysis at the end of the course showed some pretty good figures: 8% reduction of pore size and redness, 9% improvement in texture and, most impressively, a huge 20% reduction in UV spots and sun damage. But the best thing is: she told me she didn’t need a machine to tell her there was an improvement in her skin, the results of the skin analysis seemed to be more for my assurance that I had recommended the right thing.

She told me she could see the difference. Nothing specific, just an overall upgrade – her skin looked clearer and more even-toned and felt ridiculously smooth. Her Dad, who never notices anything, asked her: ‘Have you done something to your face? You look amazing.’

I am very proud to have an amazing product such as Environ in my salon and will continue to recommend and advise my close friends, family and extremely loyal clients who have trust in me, to try this skincare range and the Environ treatments offered in my salon. I make this promise to all the above people and anyone who tries Environ treatments or the skin care range from my salon. If you don't see improvement in your skin within 3-6 months through the Skin analysis events we will tell you to stop using Environ, your wasting your money. Can your salon or skin care provider offer you that proof, they could, but I bet you they won't.

The 1-hour Cool Peel Treatment is recommended as a course of six. Call us on 01932 842753 to arrange an appointment.

By Glitterati, Mar 21 2014 12:30PM

I started my hairdressing career in 2006 and since the age of 16 have understood the importance of looking after the hair you have, investing in various different products and treatments over the years I have seen what amazing transformations can be made with the right hair care regime.

Despite this knowledge and all my best efforts trying to educate clients, friends and family a like, I completely disregarded the importance of a nourishing skin care plan and make up kit. Throughout my teenage years and early teens I broke so many beauty rules, sleeping in make up, using no SPF and solely relied on wet wipes to cleanse my skin to name a few, without a care or worry in the world! I used thick scar camouflaging foundation and layered up mascara over mascara for days on end.

It wasn't until last year at the age of 24 when we re-launched as Glitterati Hair and Beauty and a team of Therapists joined us at the salon that I started to realise the effect these nasty habits were having on my skin. I wouldn't dream of putting my hair through this trauma, yet I was willing to abuse my skin!

I was intrigued into all these exciting new services we had to offer and products to buy. I divulged my deepest, darkest skin and make up secrets to our Beauty Manager Gemma who reassured me that I wasn't alone! I picked her brain for weeks and began to understand the importance of cleansing and a good moisturiser. I threw out all my wet wipes and vowed never to sleep in my make up. The importance of SPF became a priority and planned regular facials. I quickly learnt I was planning for the future and it is far better to prevent than cure problems in later life.

I fell in love with Environ, I quickly saw results with less break outs, reduced redness and was left with beautiful glow.

I strongly feel that educating myself with all this knowledge has helped me achieve my goals and prevented me from slipping back into bad habits.

Here are a few of my favourite Environ facts that helped me along the way...

The Sun and your Skin

We are increasingly aware of the dangers of excessive exposure to sunlight and especially the ultraviolet fraction of the light. These rays are the ones causing painful sunburn and over a period of time may damage skin cells and cause ageing and cancer.

The numbers of melanomas and other skin cancers are ironically still rising today, in spite of an anti-tan culture and very widespread use of predominantly UVB-absorbing sunscreens.

People need no more than 10 to maximum 15 minutes of direct sun exposure to face, neck and arms in near-midday sun to produce sufficient levels of vitamin D. At night vitamin A and antioxidants should be applied to restore the vitamin A content in the skin and to mop up any excessive free radicals accumulated during the day.

The importance of vitamin A

Vitamin A is the central driving factor in the development of normal, healthy human tissue including all parts of the skin, literally from conception to death. If vitamin A was to disappear from earth tomorrow for some mysterious reason, no more humans would be born in the normal, recognizable form any more. We are human because of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is essential to assist the basal cell layer cells to specialise into the various functional epidermal cells above it. This process happens approximately once per month to five weeks. Without vitamin A this would not happen effectively, and healthy, functioning layers would not form.

Skin becomes thin because of a general lack of vitamin A, sun damage, and loss of sex hormones, general ageing and excess exposure to cortisone. If the skin is not assisted by proper nutrition of all elements which contribute to healthy cell behaviour, the end result will be malnutrition. Just as humans become very thin when they are starving and undernourished, so too does the skin, when it lacks essential vitamins and nutrients.

Choose the right moisturiser

A good, nourishing moisturiser is crucial in preventing dehydration. "Choosing the best moisturiser for you should be a question of finding one which contains enough vitamin A and antioxidants to assist the skin in producing sufficient ceramide molecules to help regulate the skin's own sealant," says Eiselen. Those that simply make your skin feel smooth and have a pleasant fragrance are unlikely to do anything more than just that for the skin.

Moisturise morning and night. Using a moisturiser at night is important because skin cells do their repair work at night, regenerating and repairing cell damage, while destroying free radicals and producing collagen. A quality moisturiser protects your skin from environmental damage, provides nutrients for the skin and prevents a loss of moisture, thereby slowing down the ageing process.

My top three Environ Must haves to get you off to a great start are....

...1 AVST Cleansing Lotion

A gentle cleansing lotion that is effective in removing excess oils, make-up and other impurities without stripping the natural oils from the skin, leaving the skin soft and refreshed.

Helps maintain the natural acid balance of the skin as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or detergents.

Leaves the skin feeling gently cleansed and refreshed.

Promotes a radiant appearance.

...2 Colostrum Gel

Environ’s Intensive Colostrum Gel contains bovine colostrum in a non-greasy formula. Colostrum Gel contains a mild lavender fragrance.

Assists in soothing sensitive skin.

Helps to hydrate skin.

...3 RAD

Environ RAD sunscreen is a sun protection cream. The sun filters and sun reflectants contained in this product provide a SPF 15 while natural antioxidant vitamins increase sun protection and assist in fighting free-radicals.

Contains organic sun filters, namely Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (UV-A) and, Octyl Methoxycinnamate (UV-B)

Contains antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E.

Contains Titanium Dioxide

We hold various different Environ events regularly within the salon and we would welcome you along to try, test and pick our Beauticians Brains... Fall in love with Environ and enjoy beautiful skin.

Stay tuned for future dates and Free Environ Skin Scanning appointments!!!!!

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