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By Glitterati, Sep 27 2016 09:16PM

Experience Olaplex – Insurance For Your Hair

You are longing to change your hair colour but worried about the damage you will do? You dream of switching your dark brunette hair colour to a creamy blonde?

Olaplex at surrey hairdressers
Olaplex at surrey hairdressers

Glitterati are delighted to introduce you to the ULTIMATE solution to hair damage and breakage from colouring. “OLAPLEX” has become the secret weapon of celebrity colourists and is available NOW at our hair salon in Weybridge Surrey !!!!!!!!!

Our Glitterati Stylists are not the only hairdressers to be hooked on this hair colour treatment ,Celebrity Guy Tang and Tracey Cunningham are also shouting about it. Olaplex has become a ‘must-have’ for A-list celebrities including Gywnie, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Olaplex has revolutionised hair colour services and has quickly become the hairdressers so called ‘holy grail for colour treated hair.’ The Olaplex system will restore your hair to its virgin state as your hair colour is processing in the salon. Top beauty editors (think Vogue & Harpers) and top hair salons across the world are raving about this product that has an incredible celebrity fan base.

Why the best hairdressers and hair salons in the world refer to Olaplex as the miracle hair product :

Olaplex is a turbo charged conditioning treatment to repair the internal structure of the hair. Heat, colouring and other hair chemical treatments break down the disulphate sulfur bonds causing different degrees of damage. Olaplex is proven to repair this damage in one single dose. The results are INCREDIBLE and allow colour transformations whilst repairing the hair structure.

All hair products used at Glitterati are sourced from the finest hair brands in the world. Each brand that we work with shares our passion for beautiful, well maintained, natural looking and healthy hair. Glitterati are dedicated to researching each and every brand to ensure that we offer clients the most advanced technology that fully respects the integrity of all hair types.

Is Olaplex suitable for your hair ? The facts :

Olaplex is suitable for every hair type

Olaplex restores hair that is extremely damaged, frazzled and bleached

Using this miracle product you are also able to opt for extreme colour transformations in one visit to Glitterati

How Does “Olaplex” Work?!

The product is simply added to the colour before application and develops its effect during the dyeing process . It acts as a bind and enhances and regenerates the hair structure permanently so that any potential damage during the colouration process only can not arise!

The three-stage treatment can be combined with hair bleaches, tints and colours, and can also be applied as a simple treatment. Check out what top colourists are saying about Olaplex all over social media: the proof is in the pictures!!!!

Please note that all Olaplex treatments will be charged at the normal price of £30.

If you would like to know more about how you can incorporate this must-have hair colour product into your next hair appointment, call our reception team today on 01932 910266

By Glitterati, Jul 16 2014 11:00PM

The last thing you want is a hair colour disaster on your hols, from ghastly green tinges to unwanted orange Ombre, Sun, swimming and a care free approach is what holidays are all about but it can take a terrible toll on your hair colour.

Here are a few questions answered to ensure you return sun kissed and sassy, rather than sun damaged and straw like!

When should I colour my hair?

Unless a huge hat is going to be attached to your head permanently for the duration of the holiday (which would be ideal) but not realistic the Sun will definitely affect your colour!

So keep this in mind when booking your hair colour appointment, most Stylists would advise to have a colour on your return to avoid two trips to the salon and keep cost down. Although we all of course want to look our best, so if you arrange your colour around 3 weeks prior to your holiday will mean it is still looking good, but you will be due not too soon after your holiday, meaning you make the most of your colour and your budget and letting the colour settle before it sees the sun.

• If you are a Blondie this will also avoid putting to much strain on those lightened locks as processing your hair and then subjecting it to a week of sun is not ideal!

How do I avoid any nasty tones appearing mid holiday?

Chlorine can leave the hair with a murky, green after effect (more visible in blonde, processed hair). This is mainly due to high level chlorine in the pool, chlorine being left in the hair for a long period of time or alternatively not cleansed from the hair correctly. Always rinse or preferably cleanse the hair as soon as possible after swimming, shampoo the hair thoroughly twice and never let the hair dry fully with chlorine remaining in the hair.

*If you are a water baby opting for a clarifying shampoo such as Pureology Purify is essential. This removes build up and clarifies without stripping the colour.

If your hair is particularly porous or you do suspect high levels of chlorine pop your hair up in a stylish top knot and breast stroke it is!

I am not a hat person, help?

Would you sit out in the blazing without any SPF protection on your skin? No so why put your hair through it? Protection is key, so investing in preventing the fade and damage is far better than correcting it!

• Kerastase CC Creme answers your holiday hair prayers; this one stop shop not only has a UV filter but offers three enhancing actions for long term protection, force and nutrition as well as offering instant shine and discipline.

If you are on a holiday budget, sprits some of your sun cream over your hair which will at least offer some UV filter!

Stick to these rules and you should get the very best of your colour throughout your holiday and beyond! Work with your holiday colour, look at it as a complimentary, temporary new look that you love!

Top Tips:

• Avoid a big colour change or correction before a holiday as it can sometimes be a lengthy process, you don’t need any sun induced set backs!

• If you do get into a chlorine situation, its true tomato paste works! Tomatoes neutralise the green from the pool and may help calm any disasters!

• Avoid home hair colour to rectify any disasters, they can often do more damage than good without the correct advice, try a local salon or call the Glitterati Team for any handy advice as to what to do!

• Don’t panic, you can always rectify! It may not be immediate but you will get there, in the meantime embrace and own it!

Pop into the Salon for all your summer essentials and a complimentary home care consultation or visit our online shop now.

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