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Your hair is your perfect accessory. A reflection of the life you lead and the person you are.

The highest hairdressing standards… a demanding training schedule, both in the UK and Europe, ensures our hand-picked team use the latest products, fashion-forward colours and cutting trends.

Put yourself in expert hands – we listen carefully, working with you to ensure you’re thrilled with your look, and feel



With Easilocks Hair Extensions


Not requiring heat, glue, braiding or sewing, it’s no wonder that Easilocks is quickly gathering a legion of fans, including A-List celebrities. Virtually undetectable, and so comfortable to wear, Glitterati is letting you in on the secret to beautiful, full and natural looking hair.


Using 100% human hair, the effect which Easilocks gives compared to other competitors is second to none.

The revolutionary Easlilocks technology doesn’t use traditional methods used by other hair extensions. A small section of the natural hair is crouched through the easilock and secured in place.

The pre-bonded human hair extension strand is placed inside the easilock with the already placed section of human hair.

Then, using the easilocks applicator tool, the easilock is sealed and locked into place, meaning absolutely no heat or glue is used during the process, leaving your natural hair in great condition with absolutely no long term effects. It’s that simple!

Along with causing no damage to your natural hair, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, with the result lasting up to 9 weeks. Easilocks individual extensions come in 14" 18" and 20" lengths.

Long Shiny Hair
Hair Model


Put some magic back into your life with Cinderella Hair Extensions


Cinderella hair offers top quality pre bonded 100% human hair extensions with an extensive range of colours from blonde to black from fantasy red to fantasy blue.

The hair comes in various styles and lengths, you can choose from straight, wavy, spiral curled or curly. In lengths ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches, and for those wanting that extra special length we can put a special order in for 28 inches, the extensions are then placed and discretely integrated into your real hair for a

fantastic natural looking result lasting up to three months.

We can also use extensions for high fashion work to add extra length maybe in specific areas to complete a style or some colour to funk up a style without damaging your hair with bleaches etc.

All Cinderella hair extensions are certified ‘Conscience clear Cinderella hair sourced with integrity’ all the hair comes from reputable sources, we trust our suppliers to uphold our strong ethical code.

Hair extensions are a specialist service, and a consultation is required before booking to ensure the hair and scalp are able to support extensions.

Comparing Prices: We understand Hair extensions are a pricey investment so here's some tips when comparing prices with other salons.


  • QUALITY OF HAIR - Hair quality ranges dramatically in the Hair Extension world. Poor quality hair results in shedding, excessive tangling, colour fade, and bond degrading. These are common factors which can lead to shortened hair replacement times, excessive pressure on your own hair and uneven colour matching. Ask the salon which brand they use, here at Glitterati we only use the best hair on the market and spend hours each year testing and trying out brands to see if anything better comes available.

  • AMOUNT OF HAIR - Each Salon give services names such as Half Head, Full Head etc and number of hair strands can vary in those category between one salon to another. Ask the salon how much hair is in their Full Heads, also keep in mind that some strands can range from 0.5 gram of hair to 1 gram so always ask for the total weight.

  • EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS OF THE EXTENSIONIST - Probably one of the most important questions to ask. Poorly placed extensions can not only servery place your own hair at risk but will also result to uncomfortable wearing, shortened replacement or refitting, visual bonding or locks and undesired finished look.

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