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Long Hair



Hair Smoothing

Is your hair dull, dry and damaged?

Curly, wavy or frizzy?

Or just unmanageable?


The Kerastraight Hair Smoothing Treatment – also known as ‘the Ultimate Brazilian Blow Dry’ - has been designed to smooth, straighten and simultaneously repair the hair shaft, using the power of Keratin and its natural ability to fortify the hair.The innovative treatment will not only ensure that your hair looks fabulous, but it will also save you hours, minimising your daily routine as you wake to stunning, beautiful hair that will only take a matter of minutes to re-style!

Long Hair
Cost (from)
6 Week Optional Top-up
Very Long
Below the Shoulder Blades
Allow 3.5 Hours
To the Shoulder Blades
Allow 3 Hours
Just above the Shoulders
Allow 2.5 Hours
Ear Length or Above
Allow 2 Hours

UPGRADE to Ultimate for only £84.00

Upgrade to the KeraStright Ultimate Package

Most of us are aware these days that any hair treatment has the best results when your hair is in great condition and the correct after care is followed.

The KeraStright Ultimate Package includes an Ultimate Boost & Olaplex Bonder Treatment added to the KeraStright repairing any damaged bonds and KeraStright Shampoo and Conditioner aftercare giving a guaranteed longer lasting treatment.


How Does It Work?

KeraStraight helps to rebuild the keratin with in the hair that has been lost, working both on the internal cortex and external protective layer, the cuticle. The addition of the amino acid Cysteine helps to create a new semi-permanent shape to the hair. rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 4 months.

It is an easier application which not only leaves the hair healthier, by using a high concentration of protein, but reduces styling time and it will not change your hair colour. Clients can air dry hair, no wait time for shampooing and one formula can be customized to offer a variety of results.

KeraStraight use a low pH protein which is completely free of aldehydes and formaldehyde in both the formula and vapour.This salon professional treatment takes between 2-3 hours, depending on hair length, and leaves hair in optimum condition for up to 4 months.


Is this a Brazilian Blow Dry or Permanent Blow Dry?

The results are the same but the process and chemicals different. Unlike many other Brazilian Blow treatments or Long-Lasting Blow Drys our treatment doe not use formaldehyde, a chemical that has been a cause for concern for some time.This is what Kerastraight say about the Kera- straight straightening treatment;

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