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"Aveda was created out of founder Horst Rechelbacher’s belief in the benefits that natural and organic hair care products can have on our hair. After enjoying a career from a young age in his native Austria and soon after in Italy, Horst picked up specialist knowledge – and a handful of awards – for all things hair, including how to style it. At age 17, he was tending to the haircare concerns of some of the world’s biggest names before he launched a tour across Europe and America at age 20 to share his styling secrets.

However, after a car accident in the American state of Minnesota in 1963, Horst simply decided to stay there. Putting down roots, he launched his chain of Horst & Friends salons, becoming a successful entrepreneur. Despite its success, Horst started to suffer from serious burnout and turned to his mother's herbal remedies, which soon morphed into Indian retreats in 1970.

After this experience, Horst came back with a deeper appreciation for the earth. He decided that it was much more beneficial to formulate bestselling products such as the magical Nutriplenish Leave-in Conditioner with all-natural ingredients.

GLITTERATI are official UK stockists of the Aveda brand."

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